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The Amsler Grid

You can use the Amsler grid as a tool to detect any irregularities in your vision.

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The Retina Care Center began operations in Baltimore, MD on August 31, 1998. Founded by Eric P. Suan, M.D, the practice specializes in caring for patients with eye problems specific to the retina.

Retinal disorders often represent the most serious and challenging of eye problems to accurately diagnose and manage.  We at The Retina Care Center are committed to offering our patients the most sophisticated and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and the most current approved treatment for all retinal disorders.

Our doctors and staff members strive to do this in the most personal and individualized manner possible, involving family members and other caregivers as much as possible.

Each patient is treated uniquely and a treatment recommendation is never made until a careful assessment of the medical facts and the patient’s needs and wishes are discussed.  Faced with the uncertainties of visual loss, many patients approach a visit to our office with anxiety and trepidation.  Our goal is to provide you with the facts behind your retinal problem and the possible treatment choices and outcomes.  We are here to help you understand your condition so that you can make often difficult decisions with confidence.  We are here to care for you.

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